Life Long Lessons

Training your dog is possibly the single most important thing that you can do for them.  Dogs are always looking for guidance from you and take their lead from that guidance. 

Trainer, Carissa Tank is certified through Animal Behavior College and is pursuing her certification through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). She has worked with various canine breeds during her three years of experience and has experience with dogs of different energy levels and behavior issues. Carissa has trained multiple service dogs to perform different specialized tasks and has experience with obedience training classes, private lessons, and individual training sessions during a boarding stay or a day of daycare. 

Trainer, Kelsie Beck gained experience working closely with Carissa and is currently pursuing her certification through the Animal Behavior College.

Our classes are 6 week sessions and are on three different training levels.  Each of the sessions is designed to build off the skills that are learned in the previous session.  The small class sessions of only 8 dogs, the trainer has the ability to focus on dogs that need a little more attention.

For more information and to read some first hand reviews of training classes, roll over to our TRAINER page.