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Let's Get Soaking Wet!

Welcome to the Peebles Play & Stay Pool!
Below are the Participation Rules for the Play & Stay Pool.   Please remember that you are fully responsible for your dog(s) while they are on the property.  You are also responsible to make sure that they are within your immediate control, within sight, and easy to reach before entering the pool.

We have several great ways to take advantage of the pool.  You can schedule a walk-in appointment or have your dog take advantage of the pool while they are here for daycare or boarding.   

A phone number to reach you in the event the pool is closed for a clean up is required when you book your session.  If we are required to close the pool, you will not be charged for your cancelled session.

Daycare/Boarding Swim Sessions

One of the best ways to burn off a bit more of the extra energy your dog has, or to get a bit of extra exercise, is to take advantage of our swimming sessions while your dog is in daycare or boarding.  Once passing the pool evaluation, your dog will have the opportunity to swim with other dogs (and our staff) and have a blast doing so.  Check out our boarding and daycare swim rates and have our staff schedule your dogs swimming sessions to coincide with their stay.

Scheduled Swim Sessions

Are you ready to have some fun?  We have both 15 minute and 30 minute time slots available Monday through Friday to bring your dog and go swimming!  

Check out our swimming rates and call us to schedule your appointment to swim session today! 

What to Bring for Your Session

Be prepared to get wet!  Even with owners not entering the pool with their dog(s) you will get wet!  This is an amazing experience to have with your dog(s).  But nothing will wreck that like not being prepared for your session.  If you are prepared this can be a lot of fun.  Here is what we recommend:

• Pool towels are provided.  However, if you would rather use your own, please feel free to bring them.  A familiar smell is often better for the dog.

• A change of clothing and/or shoes.  While your dog is on the deck they will shake off the water and you will get wet!  

• Toys.  Toys.  Toys.  You are welcome to bring any familiar pool toys that your dog(s) enjoy playing with in the water.  Please remember that the toys will get wet and will need to be transported back home with you.

• If your dog(s) is treat motivated, bring some treats!  Who doesn’t like a treat! Please be careful to only use treats on the deck and not in the pool. 
Before Entering the Pool For swims where the owner is present (Open Swim Sessions) please make sure that your dog has not eaten for 2-3 hours prior to swimming and that they have taken care of their “business” before entering the pool area.  We have an area that your dog(s) can use to eliminate.  Supplies are provided to clean up after your pet both on and off the pool area.  
Also, please remember that this facility is also an active doggy daycare facility. There will likely be other dogs in the building at the same time.  You must remain in full control of your dog(s) before, during, and after your session. 
The Pool Rules

• No more than 2 dogs per owner will be allowed at one time without authorization from Play & Stay staff.  This is for your dogs safety.

• Owners must be at least 18 years of age or older.

• No one under the age of 12 will be allowed on the pool deck without a USCG Approved life jacket.  Please bring the life jacket if anyone under the age of 12 will be on the deck.

• All dogs MUST have proof of vaccinations on file with Play & Stay.  This includes Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper.

• Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled swim time.  This will give you time to allow your dog to do his/her business before entering the pool.

• Owners MUST remain on the deck at all times while their dog(s) are in the pool.

• No food or drink will be allowed in the pool area.  This is for your dogs safety and will not encourage other dogs to try and get it while you are not watching.

• Pets MUST have trimmed nails.  Nail trim appointments can be arranged with our staff at an additional charge.

• You are responsible to clean up your dog(s) waste.

• No female dogs that are currently in heat and no puppies under the age of 3 months of age.

• You are responsible for any damage that occurs from use above and beyond normal wear and tear by either you or your dog.

• Defecation in the pool can result in a clean up fee.  This fee can range from $25 - $50 depending on the extent and time that pool is down.

• Pool cleaning and maintenance needs to be completed between each session so please keep track of your time.  If you are over on your session time you may incur an additional charge.

• No retractable leashes will be allowed in the pool area.  This is for your dogs protection.

• Have fun!  This is a great way for your dog to have some fun with you and get a bit of exercise in as well.  Your pup will be tired after playing in the pool!
Scheduling & Cancellations

The pool is extremely busy.  We will do our best to schedule you in at a time that works for you.  Our staff will work to maintain an open schedule for open swims, swim testing, and daycare/boarding swim sessions.  Scheduling can be made by calling the kennel and speaking with our staff. 
Any cancellations must be made in advance of your session by 24 hours by calling or sending an email.  In the event that you do not cancel and also do not arrive, your missed appointment will be charged in full or deducted from any pre-paid pool pass packages.  In the event that multiple sessions are missed, Play & Stay reserves the right to turn down future pool bookings and/or require payment be made in full at the time the session is booked. 

**We reserve the right to cancel any reservation due to the pool being closed for cleaning, an imbalance in pool chemistry, or inclement weather.

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