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Making Sure Everyone is Set To Swim

Swimming can be great exercise for your dog.  Our 13,000+ gallon swimming pool is perfect for that.  However, we need to make sure that every one is ready to swim and is safe in the pool.

Our swim evaluation is done before the regular group swim so the new dog will feel more comfortable with being in the water.  In order to pass the swim test, each dog must be able to do the following:

First Visit & Swim Test

Each dog wishing to swim at our facility MUST pass a Swim Test with one of our staff.  The Swim Test will consist of the following:

• We will go over your dog(s) records to make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations

• We will make sure that your dog(s) physical health is good and is able to handle swimming

• We will verify that your dog(s) nails are appropriately trimmed  

• We will acclimate your dog(s) to the pool and deck area

• We will make sure that your dog(s) is able to enter and exit the pool either via jumping in or via the ramp without assistance

• We will make sure that your dog(s) are comfortable with our staff

• We will verify that current contact information is on record with us in the event we need to contact you for any reason 

Swim Evaluations can be done while your dog his here for daycare or boarding but cannot be done on their first day.

Swim Evaluation and First Swim: Text
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