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I'm All Scheduled...What's Next?

Wow!  Can you believe it?  It's my first day of daycare and I am so excited to be going that I might have peed a little.  Let's see...what does today have in store for me?  


Well first of all I will get my day started pretty early.  I need to get up and have breakfast before I go to daycare.  For my safety, I won't be eating until I get home.  They said I will be hungry when I get home.  So I better eat up now.  I can tell it is time to go because the car is running and I can see my leash!  Let's go!


I have arrived and it is pretty early.  The sooner I get to daycare the better since it is my first day and I want to make a good impression and have the opportunity to explore before too many others get here. I see a new friend?  Wow.  I cannot wait to see how many more friends I make today.


Wow!  Look at that!  I can hardly believe what I am seeing!  They have a swimming pool to play in!  I can't go today since it is my first day and I have so many other things going on.  Maybe the next time I come.  I think it would be pretty fun to splash around with the pack leaders in the pool.  I'll make a note to ask about this and get my permission slip signed.


It's around lunch time now.  The Pack Leaders have been coming in and out and they smell like nose knows!  I am glad that I ate before I came today because I am only half way through my day and am already starting to get a little hungry.  I have made lots of new friends and have chased so many tennis balls I lost count!  I think that I may have actually fallen asleep with a ball in my mouth because the Pack Leader pointed this funny looking box at me, it flashed, and I woke up.  They said something about finding the picture on Facebook.  I am not sure what that is but I will have to sniff that out later.  I am sure hoping that they got some pictures of me in the sprinkler or under the hut.  I just hope that there wasn't a camera around when I fell in to the water embarrassing.  


OK...what's all the excitement about now?  It seems that wherever I go there is something new.  Let me go check this out.  Well it looks like everyone is barking at the gate and one at a time they are going through the gate.  Wait!  This must be the end of my day.  I can't wait to tell everyone at home about how much fun I have had.  


I just heard my name....I am so excited to tell everyone how much fun I have had.  But wait...I do not want to leave my new friends.  I am going to see if I can come again.  I had so much fun.


I made it to the car and the door is closed.  I can't wait to tell....<yawn> everyone......zzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz.


I am so tired I do not think that I can move.  I laid down in front of my food dish and fell asleep with my head in the dish.  How silly is that!  I guess that I was pretty tired.  I remember getting in the car but I do not remember the drive home.  That was some day.  I can't wait to get to go again.

First Day of Daycare: Welcome
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