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Geee...there is a lot of talk about the family going away for a while.  I hear that they say that I am going to this Play & Stay place.  I am not sure what that is but they said today is my trial day.


Well look at that!  I have my very own room!  The pack leaders here said that I am going to go through the very same steps as everyone else in boarding goes through to see how I fit in.  So far it has been all snuggles and petting.  I could get used to this!

9:00am - 12:00pm

The floors here are heated!  I don't even want to get up but it is time to go out and play!  Look at all the new friends.  And they all want to play.  We are divided up in to several groups and have plenty of time outside.  Wait...there goes another ball!


Just a little while ago I saw a bunch of dogs go inside the daycare building and then I heard a few giant splashes.  It kinda sounded like the bathtub but they only have bathtubs at home, right?  I guess I am a little bit off...its a swimming pool.  Everyone looks so funny all wet.  Maybe I can try this when I come back for a stay again.


It's time to head back in now.  I am beat.  This is a lot of fun but I am glad that i have a little bit of time to settle down.  Whew.


OK...what's all the excitement about now? Wait....I can go back outside with my friends?  Let's go! 


Back inside now and I can hardly walk.  I am so tired.  And I have had so much fun.  I can't wait to come again.  It looks (and smells) like feeding time.  I do not have any food with me today but I will be sure that my family brings me a truckload when I come back.


The staff just came to my door, grabbed my leash, and walked me back out front.  LOOK!  It's my family!  They are here to get me.  They didn't forget about me.  I made it to the car and the door is closed.  I can't wait to tell....<yawn> everyone......zzzz zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz.


Oh boy.  My family keeps asking me how I liked my day.  I LOVED IT!  They said that they are going to go on vacation and I get my own vacation, too!  I can't wait to be back to see my friends at Play & Stay!

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